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Top 10 Reasons Why SEO Companies Are Not Delivering Results in Dubai [Client Side]

I have already discussed agency side problems in my last post. Let’s start client side now, I have experienced that most of the problems arise on client sides are because they don’t have proper knowledge of digital marketing campaigns and how exactly these will move, which is no doubt an agency problem as they have to educate their clients in pre-sale discussions. Internally SEO Is Not On Top Priority A major obstacle for SEO agencies in Dubai is when their client is on ... Read more

Top 10 Reasons Why SEO Companies Are Not Delivering Results in Dubai [Agency Side]

I have spent a lot of efforts and time while writing this valuable post and expecting it will be really helpful for all. Normally, SEO experts are focusing on what exactly wrong clients are doing and how they are putting restrictions for SEO companies in Dubai from getting the required results in SERPs. But, I am going to break both ends of the issues, which are client side and agency side as on both sides there is a space for improvement. ... Read more

Top 5 SEO Dubai Tips for SEO Experts

If you have experienced anything in previous years, it’s only that Google is not allowing working on low-value strategies. We have experienced so far, Panda updates, Penguin updates and low quality EMDs (Exact Match Domains) crackdown. However, I can’t mention about the next Google updates but I can guarantee, many more updates are coming to maintain the quality results in the SERPs (Search Engine result Pages). So, we can protect ranking and authority of our websites which we have built so ... Read more

How I Made My Luck with Guest Blogging

Guest posting is a great way to build links but it can lead to get ting a penalty if only implemented on low authority domains. As Google easily consider it artificial link profile to hit the website. On the basis of this major factor, I prefer to not working on guest blogging and it’s better to not building links instead of getting links from low profile websites. Many authors trying to make believe of the webmasters that guest blogging is highly dangerous ... Read more

Best 6 Ideal Tasks For PPC Intern

Internships are one of the best ways for the fresh graduates or university students to get training in their relevant field. Many experts highly recommend going for internships to gain practical knowledge. I worked as an internee at local digital marketing company having world leading brands of digital products and it indeed helped me a lot to get my first job in the digital marketing industry. I worked as an intern without any compensation but these days many companies are paying ... Read more

SEO Link Building after Google Penguin: Reality of Anchor Text Distribution

If you are not able to recover from Google Penguin then you are still looking for the ways to get back your existing higher ranking in SERPs (search engine result pages). To move forward, we can suppose, You have already cleaned your pages from onsite junk keywords. You have stopped building links from blog networks & avoiding from spam blog comment links. You have read hundreds of articles about recovering from Google Penguin penalty. But, everything is getting failed in your case. Fortunately positive thing ... Read more

Best 8 Link Building Tips for E-Commerce Websites

Dealing link building is very sensitive topic in the era of Google Penguin and Panda. A long range of online stores are offering similar products having a same product portfolio and product descriptions. Google is also taking strict actions against the link spammers in the shape of revised algorithm updates on a regular basis. So, we can say, many hundreds little factors are there to effect the search engine ranking. The whole SEO industry is striving hard to sort out many small ... Read more

How Google Algorithm is Killing Long Tail Keywords of Search

Google is updating algorithm on a regular basis but too rapidly to rank authority websites on the top of the search results. In the recent years, Google has reduced the search volume against long tail keywords while searching. You can see the following summary of changes made by Google in the shape of infographic which is created by Read more

Google Panda & Penguin: How to Recover from Penalties

In recent years, Google panda & penguin updates have really penalized lots of sites, some of which had very good organic traffic & ranking before. I have tried to make this article milestone on this topic: Google Penalties Google updates and penalties have always been there since the early days of Google search engine. Especially, Google is nominating them now with specific names. Google has also announced about other updates, such as Florida, Dewey, Austin or Big Daddy Vince were named in the ... Read more

SEO Game Is Over – Rise of social media Optimization? [Infographic]

Placement of over 40 billion indexed pages in Google is important to be ever found in SERPs (search engine result pages). We can say, search engine optimization (SEO) has been developed since the early days of WWW (World Wide Web) into the online world of search engines, taken with the Google ranking algorithm to rank higher certain sites or pages from billions of web pages have been developed accordingly to achieve higher positions in SERPs. It was always highly related with the ... Read more
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