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Online Marketing for Amnesty International

Having already Amnesty International to celebrate its 50th anniversary and the highest award of Amnesty Award have managed to Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, we have now of Amnesty International Ireland also responsible for the online marketing. Amnesty For this we had already shown the possibilities in the other projects, the NGOs for the free use of Google AdWords as part of its Google Grants program grants. On this basis, we are now a wide range of campaigns ... Read more

Google Organic Keywords No Longer Accessible

To optimize the content of your website, and to better understand the search behavior of website visitors are provided by Google Keywords through which a visitor came to the site of great value. The end of 2011, Google began - officially to protect privacy - so not to transmit these words, when the visitors were logged into Google ("not provided"). Continue and that Google would increasingly reveal less information this development, we said in early 2012 ahead . Now there is a ... Read more

App Store Optimization – How Own App I Have Found [Infographic]

To be found in the sea of currently 1.7 million existing apps and achieve many downloads as possible, as there are in the search engine optimization (SEO) many screws. 2013, made ​​56 billion app downloads, where 63% of the users have found the app based on organic searches on the App Store. Here, due to the limited number of obvious at a glance results is the prominent placement even more crucial, as is the case with a desktop-based Google search: 10% ... Read more

Overview of SEO Ranking Factors

The topic SEO is a very important issue in e-commerce. Many online stores benefit from organic traffic and are subject to fierce competition in terms of keywords and ranking. As is clear from the infographic are backlinks, on-page actions, content and social media with the most important ranking factors. Although backlinks have lost enormous charisma, quality links are still important and relevant. Are also important on-page factors such as page layout, choosing the correct title and alt tags or the correct URL ... Read more
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