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Guest posting is a great way to build links but it can lead to get ting a penalty if only implemented on low authority domains. As Google easily consider it artificial link profile to hit the website. On the basis of this major factor, I prefer to not working on guest blogging and it’s better to not building links instead of getting links from low profile websites.

Many authors trying to make believe of the webmasters that guest blogging is highly dangerous to select for link building. I believe, they don’t have an intention to stop webmasters using guest blogging but they are only trying to convince not to use guest blogging as a single source of link building. So, you always have to be moderate and use a variety of ways to build links.

In reality, guest blogging plays major role in online marketing. A guest post helps to increase the viewership of the author about which people never know earlier. Readers may really enjoy the new expert for the valuable tips.

If you have ever visited CarreFour Dubai, most probably you also love when it’s a time for samples to taste the food for free. So, in other words guest blogging is like a free sample stand at CarreFour. If your article is really a creative piece of information, readers will highly recommend and logically they will be looking for more articles. So, in this scenario blogging really make some sense.

And I have experienced to make luck with the help of guest blog posting. Let me share my own success story of increasing ranking in the SERPs with the help of guest posting. I own a cool website:, I have really cool products in my product list and I have launched this site officially in the month of March of this Year.

I had spent a lot of time to finalize the products and writing their descriptions. Roughly, it took more than 2 months for the writing of the content for my own website. Every time after publishing a new post, I always share it on social media like on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google +. I did not go for any other SEO activity except adding link in signature of sports forum where I have thousands of posts and I am a very active member and this link was a no-followed.

You can have a look on Google Analytics for organic search traffic chart before guest posting:


Then, I finalized to focus full week on the guest blogging for my site. I was writing two quality posts every day and I had submitted on domains having high authority without their relevancy with my website.

During this whole week, I got most of success in contacting potential website with well-tailored and already written a good piece of articles. Finally, after a week, I had 8 published articles on domains having pretty good authority. The interesting thing is, not even a single domain was related with my website niche. Earlier, I strictly believed on niche related link building only.

Following is the Google Analytics organic search traffic graph after guest posting:


Key Findings:

  1. Guest blog posting REALLY works to get higher ranking in SERPs.
  2. Focus on domains having good authority for the placement of guest posts.
  3. Keep moderate in all things (types of link building, Anchor text etc.)
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