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Internships are one of the best ways for the fresh graduates or university students to get training in their relevant field. Many experts highly recommend going for internships to gain practical knowledge. I worked as an internee at local digital marketing company having world leading brands of digital products and it indeed helped me a lot to get my first job in the digital marketing industry. I worked as an intern without any compensation but these days many companies are paying to interns. Still, companies are viewing interns as a source of cheap labor and in normal scenario; they are getting very low compensations comparatively full time employees working on same capacity. But, it does not mean, these interns don’t have the skills. In online marketing, especially in Pay Per Click (PPC), most of the tasks are time consuming rather than difficult. So, for the digital marketing managers who don’t have time to manage such thing, I’ll discuss in some other post, how they can manage their campaigns in short time. Interns are more tech savvy as compare to other experienced employees or managers. It means they can easily create better formatted word and excel documents. Most important, good intern always keen to learn for their career, this is one of the best qualities for a guy who is going to spend his most of the time on PPC management & learning. Following are six ideal tasks for PPC internees along with the achieved level as per learning:

1. Keyword Research:

Keywords are key foundation of any PPC campaign and keyword research is one of the most critical and time consuming tasks for the PPC or Digital Marketing Managers. An intern can sort out the long list of suggested keywords and it will help to save hours of time for the PPC managers. It does not mean that the internee will make the final selection of the keywords for the campaigns but it’s a PPC manager task to finalize the short listed keywords. Level Achieved: PPC Basics

2. Search Query Reports

Search query/term reports – it’s a mandatory job but unfortunately it’s also time consuming task. You can put your interns to sort out the negative and potential keywords for your campaigns. Level Achieved: PPC Basics

3. Competitor Research

To keep stay in the top position in the PPC results comparatively our competitors are a round the clock job. No doubt tools can help in this analysis but even then managers have to review report themselves and real ranking in SERPs (search engine result pages) need to verify. You can put your interns to grab data from tools on a regular basis for the competitor analysis. They should also extract Google Adwords Auction Insights reports regularly. Your interns can also prepare reports having analysis in the shape of graphs to have a look at variations time by time. Level Achieved: Search marketing basics

4. Testing Ad Copy Ideas

Let’s suppose you are running your Adwords account for years or months and updating every month your ad copy ideas to test. And definitely you will be surprised after years if you will drain out of fresh ideas for ad copies. Your internee can help you with this! You can put your internees to brainstorm for new, creative and unique ideas of ad copy. Always keep in mind, hardly very few bad ideas are in concern of ad copy. If its related and real, most probably it’s worth trying. Level Achieved: Concise creative thinking and PPC basics

5. Audits

If your hired internee has a grip on HTML, you can assign him your own website to audit or any of your client’s website. Just ask him to process an order or simply fill a form to test it and have to check conversions codes on each step to test how exactly it is working and if he has any suggestion to make it better. Internee can also help for auditing of PPC accounts, obviously not like an expert but can help to some extent. He can help to sort out the keywords with low quality scores from any ad group, especially having a large number of keywords. Level Achieved: PPC basics

6. Reporting

Reporting is one of the most essential task for the PPC manager, especially who is working for the agencies as they have to prepare & present report for every customer. Normally, initial days of the month, they have to consume on the reporting. It may be a manual report preparation of with the help of automated tools. You can guide internee, how to extract data and how they can organize it for the detail reporting. It will help PPC managers a lot to save their precious time and they just need to finalize their detailed analysis for the report. One major to put interns on reporting is, they are used to of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint in every semester project and assignments and they can easily format report to look it more professional. Level Achieved: Data and insight transparent communication

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