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To be found in the sea of currently 1.7 million existing apps and achieve many downloads as possible, as there are in the search engine optimization (SEO) many screws. 2013, made ​​56 billion app downloads, where 63% of the users have found the app based on organic searches on the App Store. Here, due to the limited number of obvious at a glance results is the prominent placement even more crucial, as is the case with a desktop-based Google search: 10% of all apps won 90% of all downloads for themselves . The optimization of discoverability in the App Store is therefore crucial, targeted adjustments are reflected measurable:


Number of downloads to App Store Optimization (ASO)

In contrast to search engine optimization (SEO) but App Store Optimization (ASO) is still a relatively young discipline. Are for the SEO ranking factors now known and their correlations identified (albeit subject to constant adjustments), this. during ASO still in development Are greater due to less competition but also the potential.

In what way different ranking factors for SEO and ASO and what to look for when developing the iTunes App Store and Google Play special? The following infographic we have summarized all important factors and conditions: How is the user search behavior? What needs to be considered in the Keyword Optimization? What areas are relevant and what strategies can be derived?

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