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Dealing link building is very sensitive topic in the era of Google Penguin and Panda. A long range of online stores are offering similar products having a same product portfolio and product descriptions. Google is also taking strict actions against the link spammers in the shape of revised algorithm updates on a regular basis. So, we can say, many hundreds little factors are there to effect the search engine ranking.

The whole SEO industry is striving hard to sort out many small and in some cases major challenges that Google is making in the shape of new algorithm updates. Even then, link building is one of the major disciplines in eCommerce to get higher ranking. It is much more important these days to focus on building quality links rather than focusing on the number of links. Content marketing is getting popular in the SEO world. No doubt, many other ways to build links in eCommerce are also common to maintain it relevancy.

By focusing on link building tips, I want to give recommendations for online retailers on how to design and develop a quality link building campaign. It’s all about the link building to increase the traffic, better conversion ratio to generate quality leads.

Quality Link Building for E-commerce

  • Online retailers work with many partner channels like manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers and many more. Most of them should have their own websites, maybe not well managed but at-least those should have little authority in Google. So, let’s link on their websites under “Our Partners” or “Our Customers” or under “Reference Links”.
  • Distribute a press release and send out newsletters on a regular basis to the interested parties and the press media. Journalist and bloggers will serve as a helpful multiplier to build the brand worth and awareness. Also, distribute to the list of private bloggers who can break news under product updates or any other their related sections. It will help to target many interested and potential customers.
  • That’s not possible for online retailers to survive on positive reviews only. Still one of the highly important factors is positive reviews and online discussions in forums.  It’s better to work on selected forums & blogs. They promote comments and discussion as an expert in that specific field and encourage & refer their visitors directly as a recommended product. Many forums are also offering do-follow links and some after a specific number of posts that will also add value in your ranking. Search of right forum or blog for your specific product really worth to build brand worth. While blog commenting, you should be very careful as most of the blogs will have spam links in their comments. So, to get links from those pages is only waste of time and it may hurt ranking in the long run.
  • When we talk about the blogging, it’s highly recommended to search blogger, who is active and have blogged in the similar industry. Put the blogger to write the testimonial or review of your product. And to motivate the blogger, you can offer him free product. Most bloggers can write a detailed product review along with the direct link to your online shop.
  • Guest posts in reputable related blogs or magazines are really a valuable opportunity. You can convince and drive the readers through your product knowledge and make it sure to create a valuable link pointed to your product or online store.
  • You can create your own blog. The best option is with your own domain or at-least as a sub-domain with its own IP address. The proper internal linking within the article pointed to product pages also contribute as a solid linking structure.
  • Social media has vital importance in online marketing. Social signals also play major role in getting higher ranking. You can promote discount offers on Social media groups. If the offer is really attractive, many people will happily share it and it can generate more traffic which will be converted into sales. And it will also help to get natural link against your offer.
  • The video SEO can also play vital role in this context. Videos usage in eCommerce is also very high. Again, you can focus specific link in the description or comments on your video like in YouTube videos. This will also help to promote your product in shape of viral marketing.

There are many other ways to come up with clever and creative ideas. But, it is important to avoid from over optimization like usage of same link and same anchor text in high ratio. It’s highly recommended to the variety of anchors against the same link to make it natural. I’ll discuss in some other article, how you can select anchor text while linking in detail.

Google is becoming very sensitive day by day and it’s not without any reason. Major reason is to find the right balance in SEO and to provide quality results for the user. Don’t forget link building is for long term basis. If you are going to recruit any agency for SEO then make it sure, they document properly all links build with them. Because monitoring of all links including do-follow and no-follow is highly recommended, in case of any penalty, you can quickly review and correct the mistake or remove the links.

About the author: Bob Marketer
Bob Marketer is an Inbound Marketing (SEO, SEM & PPC) Expert Having More Than 10 Years Of Experience in Digital Solutions Consultation.