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To optimize the content of your website, and to better understand the search behavior of website visitors are provided by Google Keywords through which a visitor came to the site of great value. The end of 2011, Google began – officially to protect privacy – so not to transmit these words, when the visitors were logged into Google (“not provided”).


Continue and that Google would increasingly reveal less information this development, we said in early 2012 ahead . Now there is a confirmation of this: Google seems to have taken the Snowden revelations about the NSA as an opportunity to intensify the privacy of its users to use – so at least the official reason that now the encryption of keywords become the standard. Currently, according to (Not Provided) count more than 76% of the search terms no longer appear – a sudden rise in recent weeks:


As the end of 2011, however, this statement continues to lag: how can it be on the grounds of privacy explain that Google paid advertisers continue to have access to the query? Is thus rather the increase in ad sales as the goal of the protection of privacy?

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