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The topic SEO is a very important issue in e-commerce. Many online stores benefit from organic traffic and are subject to fierce competition in terms of keywords and ranking. As is clear from the infographic are backlinks, on-page actions, content and social media with the most important ranking factors.

Although backlinks have lost enormous charisma, quality links are still important and relevant. Are also important on-page factors such as page layout, choosing the correct title and alt tags or the correct URL structure. The Content is still king, and perhaps is the most important criterion, one should place great emphasis on quality and service-oriented content.

In the infographic indicated as the most important factor is social media. Social media is important, but I doubt a little that it is the ranking criterion bad way. Google+ is certainly an important point that could be more important in the future. Facebook, Twitter and so far have little relevance and are sometimes very differently in importance with SEO experts.

Overall, however, the most important criterion are well summarized in the infographic. Who is active in the field of SEO itself should gather his own image and his own experiences.


About the author: Bob Marketer
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