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Placement of over 40 billion indexed pages in Google is important to be ever found in SERPs (search engine result pages). We can say, search engine optimization (SEO) has been developed since the early days of WWW (World Wide Web) into the online world of search engines, taken with the Google ranking algorithm to rank higher certain sites or pages from billions of web pages have been developed accordingly to achieve higher positions in SERPs.

It was always highly related with the number and quality of backlinks to your website. So, it encouraged search engine optimizers or SEO experts to build large number of link farms to artificially balloon the number of backlinks to the specific pages to get higher ranking in short time. This practice enabled Google to start fighting against such spam practices by continuous revisions of algorithm, which converted search engine optimization to a cat and mouse game. While these tactical measures always designed by Google to enhance the quality results against search queries. In the meantime, many SEO experts start explaining SEO is over now and considered it dead, especially after the Google Panda & Penguin updates. Obviously this is not a case, as Google is much more active lately and relevant factors to get higher ranking are becoming more diverse day by day. Since 2012, social media marketing factors were also involved along with the other major factors with high weightage like usability of web pages as it directly impacts on bounce rate and average duration of the visit which Google consider a lot while ranking of the web pages.

Major Ranking Factors for SEO

Its one of the most controversial topic among SEO experts. How much weight to particular factor they should assign to each ranking factor, what exact role it will play after assignment and on which factors you should focus in SEO optimization activities? Search Metrics and many other ranking factors complied by MOZ, I have simplified here. What weight Social media have, what exact role it plays in terms of SEO and in ranking which exact activities should take place, cannot be mentioned with 100% accuracy. Following infographic is an overview of current status of identified association of many SEO ranking factors.


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