Top 10 Reasons Why SEO Companies Are Not Delivering Results in Dubai [Agency Side]

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I have spent a lot of efforts and time while writing this valuable post and expecting it will be really helpful for all. Normally, SEO experts are focusing on what exactly wrong clients are doing and how they are putting restrictions for SEO companies in Dubai from getting the required results in SERPs. But, I am going to break both ends of the issues, which are client side and agency side as on both sides there is a space for improvement. Let’s initiate from the agency and as most of the online marketers are used to by pointing their finger towards their clients because they are the gurus and working for agencies while they are not realizing the client end. As per my view, it’s mandatory to have a look at agency end first instead of blaming clients. Let’s start…

Lack of Man Power

This is one of the major reasons that agencies are not able to deliver results to their clients is insufficient man power. All SEO managers make it sure to hire more staff with in the agency after determining the capacity of the work; it’s no doubt one of the toughest jobs within the agency environment to analyze the exact time of hiring. Just because of this factor, clients are not getting their targeted results for which they have paid. In this situation always client suffers in shape of getting results. Unfortunately, there is no way for a client to avoid such issues. It’s highly recommended for a client to stick with the every statement of the work and have a proper check and balance of all committed tasks. As a client, you also have to ask them about their capacity of work for which you are paying SEO agency.

Excessive Outsourcing

One other major problem is, SEO agencies are trying to grow without hiring new staff. In this scenario, agencies are considering freelance partners to outsource work along with going to low wage countries like India, Philippines or other 3rd world country for the accomplishment of their tasks. I am not trying to say, outsourcing is bad but in case of excessive outsourcing, agencies fail to control the quality of the work. It is happening in most of the cases. So, as a client, you have to ask your SEO agency, which task they are going to outsource and to whom they are going to assign this task. Again, I am not saying outsourcing is bad but excessive outsourcing is not good as it can hurt the quality of the campaign.

Lack Of In-House Expertise

It’s very hard to sort out, if the SEO agency really has sufficient in-house expertise. It’s not easy to find out best digital marketers and you should pay them very high to join your agency as you will find any of them. When a SEO agency places untrained guy to manage strategy and its execution, the client has dramatically suffers. So, as a client, you have to ask your SEO agency who is heading their campaign for strategy making and its execution. If there is a guy with hardly less or than a year experience, you are not going to get for which you are paying to that agency.

Not Updated With Best SEO Practices

It’s a less common factor as compare to above discuss but still a major problem. You may find an SEO agency which is not using updated practices. Like they are still building links via bulk link exchange or from blog networks or still stuffing keywords for the on-page optimization. May be they are using social media to get more business leads by just spamming. It will not only hurt your website but it may lead to get major penalization by search engines. So, you need those experts to work on your campaigns who are most updated as per the latest trends for the best results. So, as a client, you have to ask your SEO agency what they are doing to stay updated for the latest practices as per changes in the industry. Like what blogs they read on a regular basis and in which conferences they are participating. How often they are arranging training for their staff. These all are very critical components for an up to date and properly trained SEO agency.

Lack of Holistic Strategy

Lastly, one more key problem, make it sure your SEO agency has holistic strategies. Basically, SEO agencies do not look for the best way for the growth of your business but they work on the most comfortable ways for them which might be possible, not beneficial in the best interest of their client’s business goals. That is why it is highly risky, if you are going to appoint an agency which is only specializing in PPC or SEO or SMM. So, you need a company that will look at a big picture and to boost up your business, they have to use a combination of several strategies. As a digital marketing client, you have to ask your agencies, why you are not considering PPC, SEO, SMM, Email Marketing etc. Why they are only concentrating on single vertical for their campaign and why they are not considering other verticals? Okay, these are enough points to discuss the agencies side, let’s discuss the client side now.

About the author: Bob Marketer
Bob Marketer is an Inbound Marketing (SEO, SEM & PPC) Expert Having More Than 10 Years Of Experience in Digital Solutions Consultation.