Top 10 Reasons Why SEO Companies Are Not Delivering Results in Dubai [Client Side]

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I have already discussed agency side problems in my last post. Let’s start client side now, I have experienced that most of the problems arise on client sides are because they don’t have proper knowledge of digital marketing campaigns and how exactly these will move, which is no doubt an agency problem as they have to educate their clients in pre-sale discussions.

Internally SEO Is Not On Top Priority

A major obstacle for SEO agencies in Dubai is when their client is on board while their internal staff has not made a top priority for SEO. Actually, digital marketing strategies and SEO require a shift in the whole marketing approach to make an integrated digital marketing solution. Digital marketing needs to integrate into every marketing strategy within your organization.

So, as an agency, you have to educate your clients to support your efforts. It does not mean you have to invest lots of effort and time but you can expect social media updates and a few blog posts from team members on a monthly basis, it will really help to build company brand on a long term basis.

Skipping Implementation Of All Recommendations

Another major obstacle for SEO agencies is when their clients missed to implement all recommendations on their websites or sometimes clients may modify the recommended changes without knowing its search engine friendly or not. Whenever a digital marketer recommends any change, they have invested a lot of time in research like keyword analysis and competitor analysis. So, those suggested recommendations can boost up your ranking and traffic on website to generate more targeted leads. Not making recommended changes directly means to cut off own knees and it will not speed up your ranking process.

As a digital marketing company, you have to get your client commitment that they have to implement all recommendations on their website. You can also mention in your agreement terms & conditions that if the recommendations will be modified or fail to implement in a timely manner like within 2 weeks of delivery then you will not be responsible for poor performance or lost in ranking.

Selection Of Cheapskate Agency

In most of the cases, the major issue is that clients are not willing to spend money on SEO to get results. While the reality is, execution of digital marketing strategy and SEO is not cheap as most of the clients assume. There is a long list of SEO companies who will offer SEO in few hundreds and you can find easily in Dubai alone. However, to get long term sustainable ranking results, you should have a proper digital marketing budget.

So, as a digital marketing agency, it’s your duty to educate your client properly about the budget of the project. You have to invest your time for competitive research and analyze what exact resources are required to complete this job like manpower, tools etc. Listen SEO guys, you are not doing favors of any one by offering cheap SEO services except a bad name. So, stop this practice!

Emphasis On Invalid KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

Another issue with clients is when they are willing to emphasis on wrong KPIs from the start of the campaign. It’s a very common issue and in most of the cases, you hear from your clients, I am looking for ranking on top of the first page or I want to boost traffic on my website 3-4 times. These are not good KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). No doubt in most of the cases, these sorts of KPIs lead to boost business goals. But, you always have to adjust the KPIs as per the business goals of the clients to maximize the performance. Just to be stuck on high traffic or high ranking may lead towards wrong direction and that’s not a good idea.

So, as an agency, it’s your duty to sort out with your clients with proper discussions about their business goals before you start work on their campaign. On the basis of this discussion, define the KPI and then proceed for them. It may be hard to educate your client, why you are not going to focus on more traffic instead of the right traffic. At last your client will be much gladder, that’s guaranteed!

Refusal Of Insight Results

Finally, you may not believe, it’s a massive and common issue when a client refuses to provide lead conversion stats to their digital marketing agency. And it’s really not possible to optimize digital marketing campaigns for better performance which their client is looking for.

So, as a digital marketing agency, it’s highly recommended to not work with any client in Dubai or any region of the world who is not ready to set eCommerce or goal tracking because it’s really not possible to run a successful digital marketing campaign without proper tracking.

As I have mentioned earlier, there is a lot of work need to be don’t on both client and agency side. I am expecting this post will help digital marketing agencies and their clients to understand the major problems of both sides and both have to work together for the best performance.

About the author: Bob Marketer
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