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If you have experienced anything in previous years, it’s only that Google is not allowing working on low-value strategies. We have experienced so far, Panda updates, Penguin updates and low quality EMDs (Exact Match Domains) crackdown. However, I can’t mention about the next Google updates but I can guarantee, many more updates are coming to maintain the quality results in the SERPs (Search Engine result Pages). So, we can protect ranking and authority of our websites which we have built so far.

I was planning to mention lots of suggestions but I just recognized, all of them are related to couple of tips. I am not going to consume more time on other discussions, let’s have a look on following top SEO Dubai tips, in fact for global SEO:


If anytime in previous years, you were asked about the best factor of SEO like directories, tagging or link building methods etc. then you may be in trouble to answer exactly about any specific technique. As single linking tactical approach is the best to get results on the basis of short term. While real marketing approach, real linking profiles and real companies are rich with diversity.

So, what is the meaning in practical scenario? I am going to explain five types of diversification which I believe, are very crucial to get success in SEO especially in the coming years.

1. Anchor Text Diversification

We can initiate with an easy step. We all know very well, that too excessive inbound link anchor texts were one of the base reasons to push penalty of Google Penguin. Suppose if every link coming to your web page reads “buy cheap Viagra”, Google might consider it “spam or spammy” as well, especially if it’s in the form of following or similar sentence:

If you’re searching for the best price of new laptops, then buy cheap Viagra and get free laptop bag as well.

You can easily understand, it’s purely an artificial linking. So, what is the best solution to make natural anchor texts which are acceptable by Google? It’s simple, stop over use of same anchor text as anchor text is one of the major signals to identify artificial linking but any good link profile always use relevant text and appears in the perspective of the relevant text.

2. Links Diversification

What do you think, guest posts are the best source of link building for a lifetime or are there any other tactics available which will work really great. It’s really hard to mention after reading SEO blogosphere of previous years. In simple words any tactics of link building can hurt, if you will exploit it. The major issue is people are somewhere reading tips about the guest post and their good results and then they start posting the same article on thousands of sites. Then, they shocked why Google is penalizing their sites or drop in their ranking in SERPs.

Do you think, manual link building is as easy as a profile links built with single tactic, especially if that is so easy? Finally you are going to rule on that specific niche with higher returns. So, make it sure to have a look on your link profile and always try something new to make it more diverse. In short, diversify your link profile for the diversification of your risk.

3. Traffic Sources Diversification

Let’s assume, there is a big Gorilla in the apartment with us, and we all are writing contents, specifically about SEO to avoid discussion about it. Almost all of us are mostly dependent on organic traffic generated by Google. What you can do in case of any major change overnight? I know very well, most of you will strongly object but all my strategies are 100% white hat and I strictly stick with the rules. Suppose that you understand and following the rules precisely, what you will do, if they will change their rules?

As I am following the Algorithm, I am realizing it’s more important to change the feature landscape and search UI as comparable to core algorithm. What will happen if, your opponents unexpectedly get site links and you drop only 7 positions and currently you are on the 8th in SERPs or everyone in your niche is focused on video snippets but you don’t have any video or your niche shift its focus on paid inclusions and you don’t have a budget to afford it? So, in this scenario, if you have properly followed the algorithm rules, even then your website traffic will be dropped in a moment.

So, you need to think beyond the box, that is an independent strategy from Google world. I can understand, it’s not an easy task and its costly and time consuming task but the main issue is, if you are going to depend on Google 100% for your survival in the online world, then your survival is at high risk.

4. Diversification Of Your Marketing

Now a day, trends of positively thinking about the broader marketing concept is increasing. It’s not a strategy to trick people into liking but it’s a natural effort to build a better mousetrap to gain customer or visitor loyalty. In simple words, if you are going to do something amazing and you really trust on that then everything you will do is marketing for you. On the other hand, if you are going to build crap and you know very well, it’s not more than crap then the whole marketing concept is useless in this scenario. It might possible, you may steal few hundred bucks from my pocket but you are going to lose a loyal customer for a lifetime.

So, from now, stop planning for shortcuts and move for a real resolution to stay focused about what you have to do and what & why it has value for your objectives. If you have a proper understanding of your proposition values, natural marketing tactics and content flow then it’s highly recommended to discuss with the marketing professionals rather than SEO professionals to sort out what your company can do that’s resonating, exclusive and trolling for customers.

5. Diversification Of Your Point Of View

In this digital era, if you are going to tell that your niche is “boring” be aware – I am going to slap you so hard. It’s a simple thing, if you are bored by what you are doing, what do you think, about your prospects & customers feelings. Simply stop working and go on some tour, just to change the environment to fresh your mind. And finally come back with a fresh mind and diversified point of view.

About the author: Bob Marketer
Bob Marketer is an Inbound Marketing (SEO, SEM & PPC) Expert Having More Than 10 Years Of Experience in Digital Solutions Consultation.